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Reproductive Health Indications

Reproductive Health Innovation Summit
13-14 February, 2024
Boston, USA

Reproductive Health Indications Sessions

Targeting the Cause and Not the Symptoms: Developing Novel
Treatments for PCOS

PCOS management, including co-morbidities and the mental health toll taken on patients, costs the US healthcare system $15 billion USD annually. This session will explore innovative treatment options looking to target the route cause. Hear from those at the forefront, leading the way in this new approach towards PCOS treatment, as they outline the opportunities to disrupt the landscape to improve outcomes by adopting a more targeted approach, underpinned by a more holistic look at the impact of the disease.

Disrupting Endometriosis Care: Biomarkers Driving the
Diagnostic Landscape

1 in 10 women suffer from endometriosis, so why aren’t there non-invasive, accurate and early diagnostic tests available? What options are being developed and who’s paving the way? Join this session to hear about the biomarkers changing the standard of care in endometriosis diagnosis and examine why it’s necessary to find the right biomarkers for accurate testing.

Supplementing Traditional Routes of Healthcare: OTC Options for Menstrual Disorders

This fireside chat explores a growing area in reproductive health. Deep dive into the growing popularity of OTC solutions to treat various menstrual disorders, and the role that the consumerization of healthcare plays in shaping the reproductive health landscape. Hear from those pioneering the way as they considering what other non-traditional healthcare solutions are available.

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