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Pregnancy and Maternal Health

Reproductive Health Innovation Summit
13-14 February, 2024
Boston, USA

Pregnancy and Maternal Health Sessions

Reframing Postpartum Care Models through Research and Policy

Current healthcare guidelines view the postnatal period ending 6 weeks postpartum as opposed more recent recommendations of one year. This discussion homes in on this, examining how reframing our understanding of this period can significantly improve maternal and infant health, and exploring the opportunities that that innovation, policies, and research can contribute towards this. Join this panel to hear about the matrescence, e-doulas, mental health support and family counselling and their role in disrupting maternal and infant care models.

Preventing Complications: Personalized and Predictive Pregnancy Care to Improve Maternal Health

This session unpacks the challenges and opportunities of moving the needle in pregnancy care. Deep dive into novel preventative measures driving change such as fetal monitoring, personalized care plans and maternal vaccines looking to detect and protect against life-threatening complications. Join this panel discussion to hear from leading stakeholders about what’s needed to prioritize preventative pregnancy care to ensure improved outcomes in maternal health.

Maternal Health & Pregnancy Roundtable

Take the opportunity to network with pre-registered groups of up to 12 people to discuss a specific disease area, deep diving into the biggest challenges and opportunities within each. Each interactive session will last 30-minutes

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Pregnancy and Maternal Health Speakers

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